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Anatomy Online with Zoom

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Product Details
This interactive class is designed to be practical and relevant to your Ortho-Bionomy practice. It aims to help the student develop a basic understanding of anatomy and how different components of the body work in relationship with each other as well as create a strong base for future self study.
We will cover anatomy basics of orientation, terminology, joints, bones, muscles, fascia, proprioception, and the other major organ systems including, the integumentary, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, lymphatic, urinary, and endocrine systems.
I have passion for understanding the human body and sharing it with others. With this class, my intent is to share my passion, while empowering you in supporting your client’s as well as your own well-being. I hope that you will join me!

Course Details

The course will be held using Zoom and has 4 sections lasting 8 hours. Each section will be comprised of 2, 4 hour days, spread out over several months for a total of 32 hrs, meeting the anatomy & physiology requirement for the Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner Training Program

Dates and Times
Section 1 -Feb 10-11, 10am-12 & 2-4pm MST
Section 2 - Mar 24-25,10am-12 & 2-4pm MDT
Section 3 - Apr 21-22, 10am-12 & 2-4pm MDT
Section 4 - June 2-3, 10am-12 & 2-4pm MT
*These dates and times are subject to change depending on the needs of the group.

In hopes of keeping this affordable for students, I have create three pricing options.
$175 per section paid one section at a time
$600 if paid in full prior to the first section- $100 Discount
$650 payment plan- $50 Discount
- For details or to get started, contact me at

*In addition to paying online I also accept Venmo

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